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spring break.

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 1:37 PM

So I'm actually home this week!  Initially, I wasn't supposed to come home at all until June, but I've been super stressed about trying to figure out if I wanted to keep my second major, if Illustration has any money at all in it, if I should transfer, what I'm going to do about housing for next year. . .  It's all too much ;;  I guess it's that basic crisis that everyone probably goes through in their college years.  I'd just not like to have an existential crisis every other day ._.

But I'm back in the north!  I've pretty much been laying around today because I couldn't think of what to do.  I think I'm going to try to come up with a new realm to put Abel, Lucius and Ethan in, and work on some redesigns to cater to the world.  And I have my two new characters to introduce still.  I don't really know what I want to do; it's almost sounding like a RPG-esque kind of situation, but I don't really know if I can turn it into a workable world, or if it's just going to become some fictional game in my head.  I've been trying to look back through Trinity Blood and Kingdom Hearts and stuff like that since I used to draw a lot of inspiration from those sources.  It's almost like I've become rigid, because I'm scared of failing to draw someone or something properly :/  I kind of wish that I had my creative bout from when I first started drawing when I was 12.  Hopefully I can muster something up.

I just think that I need a little mental break to get all of that worked out. . .  I want to work on becoming who I think I should be, and I think getting these things worked out will be a huge help.  If I can take care of myself and get to where I want to be, I think it should work out and come through with my art.  Who knows.  Maybe all of this is just another existential crisis.

I just think that there's a lot that I'm trying to push myself through, and it's all kind of too much.  And I'm getting really burned out.  Hopefully working on these new designs and new world will work in my favor.

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still alive. . . kind of

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 6:25 PM

So now that I've sold my soul for yet another quarter, I am now enrolled in my first Illustration course for spring quarter!  Wooh!  I had a super late registration ticket, so it's been a challenge to get everything how I want it.  But no 8 AMs were to be had by this kid; my Mondays start at 11AM, and my Tuesdays start at 5PM c:  That's all okay in my book.  It's probably going to kind of be annoying as hell at the end of the quarter since I would get out so late on the final day, but that's alright I guess.  I learned my lesson to not take another semester of 8AMs!  I can't even wake up anymore ;;

But I started docent training for the Davenport Museum as well as volunteering on the weekends at Bonaventure Cemetery's visitor center.  I wanted to get more involved in the community, and I think I'll really enjoy both of those places.  I love history, and it's nice being to tell people about an old home and why it's so important.  And I love me some cemeteries ♥  Bonaventure is one of the prettiest that I've seen; the sculptures by John Walz are gorgeous ;o;

I've also been !not! drowning in assignments as of late; finals are in three weeks, but I'm trying to not get too overwhelmed.  I have a relatively free weekend ahead of me, so that's nice c:  And I got to go to the beach yesterday!  I went and worked on some assignments for my Drawing II course and got a lovely light sunburn c:  But the relaxing aspect really helped me.  I've been kind of stressed since class registration was coming up today, and I wanted to go and detox.

And I've started developing two new characters!  I want to present them sooner than later, but I have yet to resolve their personalities/appearances/color schemes.  Pretty much, I have first names and one of them sketched haha~  But soon!  I don't know if one of them will become a Killjoy, or if both will go in Abel's group.  Or maybe Spade.  Who knows.

But what have you guys been up to?  I really don't like not being able to update a lot anymore :/  I want to try to at least get one set of designs up this weekend if I can.

Have a nice weekend :sun:  

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Back to Selling my Soul

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 5:39 PM

So!  I'm back at school now!  I actually got back to Savannah a week ago, so I've mainly been settling in again and getting my ass kicked by assignments already haha~  I think it's been quite a successful investment so far; I've gotten so many opportunities that it's crazy ;o;  I've sent in some stuff for volunteering at a cemetery and old house museum, so within the month I should hear back from them.  I'm going to be busy to say the least~  Commissions are still open.  If anyone wants them.  Anyone.  I swear it will be worth your money.

But I have all of my posters up now, so my corner with my desk looks so homey (:  And I brought a bunch of teas and movies and books and notebooks with me, so I feel more like I'm in my native environment (:  Plus, moving my furniture around really helped; I love my little desk nook >w<  And I brought my computer speakers from the '90's, so I can play music rrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy loud much to the dismay of my roommate hehe ♥

I meant to make a entry with my yearly review, but I didn't really have the time, and I didn't really know what kind of resolutions to make hehe~  I guess my goals at this time are to read more, volunteer more, don't let my assignments pull me down, work on my health and to adventure more.  I'd like to do more somewhat on the concepts of Transcendentalism, I think.  It kind of brings me peace thinking about it, and I think it'll be a good change of thought, even if it's only for a short while.  And volunteering and adventuring would help contribute to that.  I just need some things to change, and I think "living on my own" would finally give me the opportunity to do so.  And I have some concerts hopefully coming up!  I may go see Art Garfunkel on Valentine's Day as well as some concerts in the near future.  I've been dying for concerts to go to since I got here in the fall ;o;

So how has everyone's winter been?  Any good resolutions?  I'm really hoping to get as active as I once was, so hopefully I won't get beaten up too much by work ;o;

Have a nice weekend ♥

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2014 Commission Information

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 7:08 PM

I just figured that I would revamp my samples, lower my prices, and scale down my wares to focus more on the drawings.  And new payment options!  I'm always buying supplies for my classes, and gift cards get sent for free (:

I take commissions via PayPal, Dick Blick gift cards, Utrecht gift cards, as well as deviantART points in the equivalent dollar amount.

Prices for additional characters included in the same piece are 1/2 of the original price per single character.
♦ WIPs will be sent once one half of the payment is received.  In the case of gift cards, WIPs will be sent once a tracking number/order number is sent to me.
♣ Original pictures will not be mailed out unless asked for.  Shipping costs are extra.
♠ Commission details must be noted to me.
♥ Slots are unlimited at this time.

Bust Shots / Head Shots
   Ethan [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning   Spade [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning Adrienne [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning
Color: $7.50

Half-Body (includes background)
 Let's go on a murdering spree. by Grim-Grinning
[more samples to /hopefully/ come soon]
Color: $15

3/4 Body and Full Body ( includes background)
Ethan [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning Adrienne [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning Abel [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning
Full color: $20

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Officially done!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 4:40 PM

So I'm officially done working for the year!  I've been on break since Thanksgiving, but I've been working my ass off for the past month >.>  But now I'm done!  Today was my last day at Michaels; I'm hoping to work at the Anthropologie or Marc Jacobs stores when I get back to Savannah.  It's not like retail is a bad thing, but working in a store where you only know three aisles out of forty is a little daunting e.e  Plus, I've had 8 hour shifts back to back [Sunbday/Monday and Thursday/Friday], and it was getting to be a little too much; my body wasn't really responding super well to my less-sleep schedule, and my hands have blisters/callouses on them >.>  I feel like an old hag with my skin peeling D:

And classes resume two weeks from today!  I'll only be home for the next week-ish, so hopefully I can get some stuff done ;o;  I have so much to do, but I don't want to get overwhelmed.  I didn't think that I'd be working so much this winter D:

And yesterday, I passed my seven year mark!  It's crazy that I've been on this site for so long ;o;  I want to make a progression meme for this year as well as 2006 -> present, so maybe I'll be able to get around to that tomorrow (:  I've been drawing a ton of Christmas gifts for family, so that's taken a lot out of me >.>  Maybe I'll just take a day off, drink some tea, and watch the snow fall (;

And have a nice Christmas!  I hope you all get tons of gifts and eat great food :santa:

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Secret Santa 2013 : Gift Posting

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 28, 2013, 10:50 AM

And now is the time to start posting!  Enjoy the art, and have a nice Christmas (:

Assignments have been mailed out! Please let me know if you did not get one if you are participating.

Thank you those who have decided to participate!  Assignments will be sent out either today or tomorrow (:

It's that time of year again, and for the first time in quite a few years, I'll be hosting another Secret Santa event (: 


As with most secret santa events, you'll be getting a randomly assigned person to draw for!  I would like to get at least 10 participants in order for the event to take place; that way there's at least some "mystery" as to who your Santa is ;.)

And, I may be doing some art trades as well to make up for missing event sign-ups, so feel free to ask about those, too (:  If you join my event, the likelihood of me accepting an art trade will be in your favor ♥


How to Join
♥ Either note me or comment on the poll / journal that you would like to participate.
♦ Either post a journal entry or note me with your wishlist.  Please include a few different options for your Santa to pick from.  And please keep themes in mind; you don't want to in a way force your Santa to draw something for you that they're not comfortable with.
♣ Everyone will be notified by December 7th with who their person is.
♠ IMPORTANT!  If you're going to be late at posting [as in after December 25th], please please please note me and let me know.  If you are no longer able to create a work for someone, please let me know as well so that I can make them a fill-in piece.  It'd be heartbreaking to work really hard on a piece and then not get anything back in return u.u
♥ Also, please include literature options, too!  I want anyone and everyone to participate, and it would be rude to exclude authors.


Important Dates
Registration : begins today!
Last day to join : December 7th
Assignments get sent out : December 7th / 8th
Post art and notify myself and your person : December 24th / 25th


In Closing
Well, I'm really excited to be hosting a Secret Santa event once again (:  I was too busy with finals and whatnot to remember to join any events, so this is my make-up.  I personally really enjoy Secret Santas because of how much fun it is to make someone's day when you draw their character, and how excited you get when receiving art in return >w<

Please spread the word!  Tell your friends to join (:  I'd greatly appreciate it, and it would make this even even more successful than my last one :'D




Santa Artworks
Secret Santa by ZoeyFagerlid Secret Santa 2013 by bunbear Strider by chaos-walking59 <da:thumb id="421790917"/> Secretsanta - OC Polaris by Artifex-Astra Secret Santa - Nyx by sociallyakward413 Secret Santa by alice723  Secret Santa: Supernatural blub by Flameear Secret Santa Exchange 2013 by flamingchibi  secret santa by psycho-fanatic-loserHannibal by AsahiKuranai Flameear by Jill-a-bear Secret Santa Gift by Sarrowcus

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Quarter 1 Completed!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 25, 2013, 2:31 PM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Guess who is back in Pittsburgh for six weeks now?

So, my first quarter of college.  Wow.  To say the least, I've been way busier than I thought that I would be.  Now I understand why people disappear once they go to college otl ;; 

But overall, I've been so much more inspired at college than I have been during my entire high school career.  Yeah, I've worked a hell of a lot harder, but I've improved so much in a dozen weeks.  I'm actually going back to my high school to talk about SCAD, so it should be interesting to see how that goes.  But really though.  There's so much in such a small city, and we've hosted a decent amount of large events.  Which included me meeting Norman Reedus.  But I also got an invite to apply to become a Student Ambassador; we are the face of SCAD, and we are the elite group that has the most school spirit.  Hopefully they'll accept my application; there were about 80 invite-ees, and only 30 - 50 spots.

And I also potentially may have a boyfriend come winter quarter >w<  There was this guy that I met in my design class on the first day, and he was my partner for our first 'interview' project.  So I thought that okay, everyone has a partner.  Except me.  And then this guy comes walking over from across the room.  And we began interviewing each other.  I kept talking because a) I'm fantastic at droning on and rambling, and b) he wasn't really saying too terribly much.  And then I kept running into him every time I would walk around the courtyard, or leave my dorm area, or go to eat.  And I thought it was really weird and he was weird and why the hell was this kid following me.  Then the weeks progressed.  He started driving me to class with him, and I was the one that he talked to the most during class even though I was on the other side of the room.  And then he started this little arm-punch-thing an he'd lean on me until I said that I was going to fall over and he would stop.  So, my emotions got a little. . . switched from how they originally were.  And then I asked if he wouldn't mind dropping me off at the train station to head back home.  He had no problem, and promised that he could take me.  So, Friday comes around, and it's 7 in the morning.  I call him to say that I'm ready to leave, and he met me at the entrance of my dorm [we have a U-shaped building with a courtyard inside], and helped me load my first round of luggage in.  And then we went back up to get the rest of my stuff.  He wanted to make sure that I took care of all of the "checking out of your dorm for break" stuff and then we went down, loaded up, and left for the train station.  We get there and take everything into the station.  He gave me a hug, and turned to leave, and I kind of grabbed [?  I don't know if that's the right word.  I wasn't like 'hey you tuRN AROUND'.  It was more like 'hey woah wait a second'.  Harmless ._.] his arm.  So, naturally, he turns around.  I'm just standing there, and I go "So, uh, I'm sorry if I'm really awkward, but. . . I kind of like you //nervously laughs".  He just kept on smiling and said "No, that's okay.  You're fine."  And he seemed kind of shocked (?).  I mean, he was still his usual happy self, but I think that he did hear me and he wasn't quite expecting me to say that.  And he told me to call him during break and check in periodically.  And then it was literally 10 minutes after I got home on Sunday, I got a text from him, checking to see if I got home alright.  He's such a babe; he's so nice to me, and I mean, if he can even put up with me, that says a lot haha~  It's like out of a story book.  And he has all of winter break to think about it; I really hope that his response is what I told him I felt.  I'm confident in this.  I'll finally get what I deserve (◕‿◕✿)

On a total side note, here's some of the stuff I worked on~

4c0fc908203bbbb88140fa37ba0f7e18 by Grim-Grinning

2d43277384dcb52c92029e034db38ba4 by Grim-Grinning

943697 10201671366058384 1231654439 N by Grim-Grinning        1379473 10201671407979432 1638838811 N by Grim-Grinning

1236550 10201409860520909 241209774 N by Grim-Grinning            1450279 10201733560253200 1062255576 N by Grim-Grinning

1377236 10201620081936313 56575967 N by Grim-Grinning

guys guys guys

Sun Oct 27, 2013, 12:17 PM

I met Norman Reedus.

Look at this.

1013270 10201873286181030 1255333891 N by Grim-Grinning

I almost started crying before I even talked to him.

And I get this really stupid grin every time I look at this picture.

I'm doing it right now.

And he's going to be at the reception that I'm going to volunteer at tonight ;;

And I'm making him a thank-you card.

Someone please explain how the hell I use Twitter because I want to tweet this and my card and whatnot.

I couldn't have asked to come to a better school ;o;

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Welcome to Savannah!

Thu Sep 19, 2013, 1:31 PM

So it's been a week since I've arrived in Savannah, and I love it here so far.  All of my professors a great, and I've managed to make some friends as well, so that was a huge relief. They're throwing a huge pool party in their little dorm area or whatever tonight, so that should be another great place to learn meet some new people.

But the campus!  It's so beautiful!  While the weather may have been super hot a few days ago and I'm still trying to adjust to the humidity, it's really quite nice (:  I've been doing a ton of walking as well as a little bit of bike riding, so I think that will hope me slim down a bit (:  but on the other hand, the food here is wonderful sooooo hahaha~

And all of the students thus far have been super supportive of one another.  It's so different from my old high school; either you could draw, or you couldn't.  It's amazing how easy-going and not hostile everyone is.

I think this is the start of a very good thing.

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Sat Sep 7, 2013, 7:45 AM

So!  This time next week would mean that I spent my first night in my dorm!  We're leaving on Wednesday morning, thus beginning the long trek down to Savannah.  I just. . . is it bad that I don't feel anything?  Like, I'm completely apathetic to leaving my house and packing and starting in Savannah and shit.  I mean, I know that I still have a few days before I leave, but I've just been a lazy fuck and I have no motivationnnnnnnn

But I don't want to leave my dog.  That's the only thing that bothers me.  Like, leaving family, friends, home, the town that I've lived in my whole life. . . that doesn't bother me.  I just. . . have some fear about leaving him?  I'm sure that it's just paranoia, but I just feel kind of off about leaving him.

And I guess that I just really hope that people there like me?  I guess I'm just a little freaked out that I'm going to get there and not make friends immediately and not meet any guys to be friends with and I have no idea what the fuck my problem is because I generally get along with people and make friends easily.  Orientation doesn't make that much sense and I never got anything in the mail, so I really have no clue wtf I'm doing so I kind of want to crawl into a hole in one of their many cemeteries and die.  I just. . . guess that I have a lot of anxiety??  I've been sleeping / waking up different than I have for the past weeks and I haven't been drawing much. . .  I really don't know what I'm doing with my life as of late e.e

I'm pretty sure that these sound like the ramblings of a drunken madman now because nothing really makes any sense hehe ♥  I just really needed to get this out of my system so maybe I can calm down for once.

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Freshman Advice?

Thu Aug 22, 2013, 6:09 PM

In three short weeks I will have arrived in Savannah, ready for orientation!  It's so crazy how much I've done this summer; between working four days a week and literally going somewhere else at least once a week with a friend, I've been one busy girl!  Thus far, I have:

♥ gone to Longwood Gardens, Peddler's Village, the Pittsburgh Zoo, Mansfield Reformatory, Erie, two carnivals, the county fair, horseback riding, to a car show, my graduation luncheon, went to see hot air balloons, saw fireworks twice. . . and probably more ;o;
♦ I still get to go to another car show, West Virginia Penitentiary, and the Renaissance Festival (:
♣ I've been getting about 15 - 20 hours per week for work, which means nice paychecks for me :'D
♠ I got all of my dorm stuff!  Our place is going to look so cute (:

To say the least, this is the busiest summer that I've ever had!  And I still have so much to do; I keep making new to-do lists >.>

And does anyone have any advice for an incoming freshman?  I know that I did this post when I was entering high school, but I figured that I would ask again (:

Have a nice weekend! :sun:

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Mon Aug 12, 2013, 8:51 PM

Hey guys!  I just opened up a Flickr account; stop by and check it out!  I could really use some friends on there (:…

[or search for under people!]

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Ahhhh! 900 Watchers!

Sat Aug 3, 2013, 4:05 PM

This is a pretty short entry, but wow!  900 watchers!  It feels like not so long ago I was just starting on this site and no one knew that I existed.  I really appreciate the support; without my watchers and this community, my art would be nowhere!

I thank you all with the whole of my heart for your support ♥

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Almost there.

Fri Aug 2, 2013, 10:24 AM

Wow.  Only a month and a half until I leave for college!  I'm kind of excited to leave; I think the change of scenery will do me good (:  I'm just a little panicked, though, since I don't know how quickly I can get a job down there.  Of course, though, I do have commissions open (:  I added a few options, so check out the link in my navigation bar! 

Anyway, I'm taking a bike down with me and we don't have too too much room for food and stuff, so maybe I'll get thinner first semester :'D  And then I come home for Thanksgiving and consume all foods I love /fuck

Otherwise, I have almost all of my school shopping done!  I just got a ton of movies and books the other day, so I'm set for entertainment (:  I just started reading Alice in the Country of Clover [I adore Alice in the Country of Hearts ♥], and I finished two and a half volumes last night haha~  I love reading at two in the morning c:  I'd love to get my hands on my own copies [they're from our library], so maybe I'll do that for myself for Christmas or something unless someone had any Alice manga that they would like to trade for art or money or something :'D

And I don't think that I'm going to do my contest.  Not enough people were interested :/  But I may try to do manga pages for it just for fun (:

Have a nice weekend, everyone!  Go watch your favorite movies or something (:

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Commission Information

Fri Aug 2, 2013, 9:55 AM

11.30.13 New bust samples (:  More updated work to come soon!

The perks:
- $50 - 74 = a free chibi
- $75 - 125 = a free half body
- $125+ = a free full body

Please be sure to check out the samples with each type of commission, too!

The Prices

** All art will be done with Copic markers unless otherwise specified.
**Additional characters are half of the price of the first character

Bust Shots / Head Shots
 Taru complete by Grim-Grinning   Ethan [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning   Adrienne [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $5
Color: $10

Half-Body (includes background)
 [ summer 2013 ] Abel by Grim-Grinning [ summer 2013 ] Adrienne at the Beach by Grim-Grinning  [ gaiacomm] Nassa by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $10
Color: $20

3/4 Body and Full Body ( includes background)
Abel : Cemetery by Grim-Grinning   tumblr mpdhzzApD31rjnxgxo1 500 by Grim-Grinning The Blind Prophetess by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $15
Full color: $30

:new:Character Re-Designs :new:
.contest. Eri Design by Grim-Grinning .contest. Bubblegum Design by Grim-Grinning .contest. Ichiho Design by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $10
Full color: $15

Profile Sheets

[ Summer 2013 ] Abel Reference by Grim-Grinning [ summer 2013 ] Lucius Reference by Grim-Grinning [ summer 2013 ] SpAdE Reference by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $15
Full color: $20

Chibi (includes partial background)
Manson : Happy Birthday by Grim-Grinning adiosToreador by Grim-Grinning Nova Chibi [Commission Sample] by Grim-Grinning Jd Chibi Sketch by Grim-Grinning
Lineart: $5
Color: $10

Portrait [prices per bust]
Portrait Sketch : Aragorn by Grim-Grinning Born Villain by Grim-Grinning Frank n Furter Final by Grim-Grinning
Pencil: $20
Colored Pencil: $20
Pastel: $30

:new:Pure Pigment Watercolors:new:
Lest We Forget Final by Grim-Grinning  536291 3554812041429 1559681401 N by Grim-Grinning
These paintings will be shipped to you upon completion [with a small fee for shipping]; pure, handmade watercolor pigments on thick, high quality watercolor paper: $100 base price per painting

So That I Can Become You by Grim-Grinning
T-shirt designs
Base price per design: $50

:new:Plush bats :new:
 1217021949 by Grim-Grinning  1217021949b by Grim-Grinning
1 bat; wingspan of about two and a half feet; about a foot tall from ear tips to feet: $20 per bat

:new:Purses :new:
0501021831 by Grim-Grinning 0501021831a by Grim-Grinning
Purse measures about 8 inches x 8 inches; optional lace or design with paint [as shown in the picture]; able to order specific colors and general pattern: $15 per purse

Large purse [not shown] is about 12 inches high and 8 inches wide; able to hold an iPad 2 and still have room; includes a pocket on the back to hold a cell phone; has a liner in it: $30 per purse

~unlimited at this time

Placing Your Order
All payments can be sent through PayPal ♥ Once you have placed an order on here, I will note or email you my PayPal account. The payment is due after I send the WIP; I will not continue on your piece until I have received my payment.

In Conclusion
Art supplies for college are going to be expensive as hell, so any little bit helps!  Plus, we don't want me to starve or not have toilet paper or anything, right?  Thank you!

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Oh, how tortuous being a teenager in the early days has been ;;  And I keep changing my journal skins so much it isn't even funny.

Anyway!  Birthday!  All went seemingly well today; thank you all for your birthday wishes (:  Finally 19!  The final year in the hellish trek that has been 'teenager. . . ism'!

My family and I took a trip up to Presque Isle in Erie, PA.  It was pretty fun since we took our dogs with us, but there were so many dead fish there >.>  I kept freaking out every time we would see one D:  And we went to their Maritime Museum, too, but the ship wasn't there for that tour ;;  But I did make out like a bandit and get a ton of money as well as a bike basket and lock (:  I'm ready for the fall!

And, of course, picture time (:

Untitled by Grim-Grinning    Untitled by Grim-Grinning
Untitled by Grim-Grinning         Untitled by Grim-Grinning  

Also, I posted a poll about having a contest.  These prompts are all OC themed [Abel, Lucius and Ethan.  I don't know if I can come up with stories for Adrienne and Spade >.>].  But!  I would really appreciate a few readers to tell me what they think before I submit my stories.  Just to make sure that they make sense and are relatively quality pieces.  Please be sure to comment or note me if you would like the stories!  I already have them in my, so they're ready to go :D

And I also started reading Homestuck.  Again.  I read eight hours of fan fiction in an 18 hour period hahahaaaaaaaaa that can't possibly be healthy  So be prepared for some new pretty fan art (:

Have a nice 4th of July as well!


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:new:Some things have been sold already!  Check out what's left; I can really use the money for college art supplies ♥ :new:

Hey, guys!  I still have all of this stuff at my house, and I'd really like to have some extra cash for my dorm supplies.  I've uploaded pictures of everything, and prices are there as well.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask; I only take payments through PayPal.  You are also responsible for paying for shipping; to get an idea of how much it would cost, try using Pittsburgh, PA, USA and your address to get an approximate price.  I can weigh everything here first if you are truly interested and want to buy something (:

If you know anyone that would want to buy any of this, please spread the word!

Thank you; I really appreciate it!


NARUWALLET01 medium by Grim-Grinning
Itachi Wallet; $5
37958061-660x924-0-0 Naruto 2BUzumaki 2BChroni by Grim-Grinning

Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles; $10
[or buy both for $15!]

Uzumaki Chronicles 2 medium by Grim-Grinning

Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2; $10
[or buy both for $15!]

Naruto-UltimateNinja1 medium by Grim-Grinning

Naruto Ultimate Ninja; $10

Large 14006 Narutoshippudenakatsukiwallscroll1 by Grim-Grinning

Akatsuki wall scroll (31 x 43); $10

37885 S0 Medium by Grim-Grinning

Naruto wall scroll (31 x 43); $10
1021 Large by Grim-Grinning 1022 Original by Grim-GrinningIMG 6230 original by Grim-Grinning

Akatsuki Cosplay [comes with Itachi's accessories, cloak, rice paper hat, shoes, blue underclothes, one kunai and Deidara's bird and spider [if you want them; I made them :)]); $125

51NkA9hRrGL. SL500 SS500  medium by Grim-Grinning
Neji mini figurine; $2
41bfNHHAkvL. SL500 SS500  medium by Grim-Grinning
Gaara mini figurine; $2 or Kakashi mini figurine; $2

1122097 Medium by Grim-Grinning
Naruto Profiles Episodes 1-37; $10

3668975 19295460 Trimmed Medium by Grim-Grinning
Naruto Profiles Episodes 38-80; $10

Misc. Naruto Trading Cards (41 total); $7


2007 03-xx768 Medium by Grim-Grinning
Inyasha profiles; $15
41wsj39FcuL. SL500 SS500  medium by Grim-Grinning
Kikyo mini figurine; $2
51HYF05VDSL. SS500  medium by Grim-Grinning
Inuyasha art book; $15

Misc. Anime

Ichigo 20figurine medium by Grim-Grinning
Ichigo figurine; $2

Posters - please ask about these because I haven't decided on a price
Luzmelt [large]…
lix [mini]
Versailles [large]…

Wig medium by Grim-Grinning

Geisha Wig //cheaper materials; comes with a plastic storage bag; willing to sell for $5 [worn once]
286619 Hi Medium by Grim-Grinning
Tripp zip up, three buckle [back laced] corset, $10

PS2 Video Games and Accessories
931987 78972 Front Medium by Grim-Grinning
Sing Star Rocks!; $5
Ps2 Singstar Microphones Medium by Grim-Grinning

Sing Star controllers; $10
Hot Wheels World Race Coverart medium by Grim-Grinning
Hot Wheels World Race; $5
 24T2eC16ZHJHoE9n3Kfu8WBP75gSwt3!  60 35 mediu by Grim-Grinning
Driving wheel; $50
Extreme Medium by Grim-Grinning
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme; $5
250px-Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 cover a by Grim-Grinning
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2; $5
Supernova Medium by Grim-Grinning
Dance Dance Revolution Supernova; $5
Dance-dance-revolution-controller-for-playstat by Grim-Grinning
Dance Dance Revolution dance mat; $10
61- 2B2lwGf4L. SL500 AA300  medium by Grim-Grinning
Guitar Hero  1&2; $15

Guitar hero aerosmith cover neutral medium by Grim-Grinning
Guitar Hero  Aerosmith; $7.50
Guitarh Medium by Grim-Grinning

Guitar Hero  controller

Misc. Stuff
Chris Hart Bishoujo…
Chris Hart Chibis and Furries…
Chris Hart Shoujo…
Tokio Hotel TV DVD…
Aerosmith CDs [5] //ask for titles; I have to get them from the basement
:new: Kay guitar [and a stand if you want it :)]…
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Goodbye High School, Hello Summer

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 2:28 PM
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Well!  So much has happened this month.  First off, I graduated!  Our graduation was this past Saturday, and I think it went really well.  No crying, but some feelings of sadness.  But it does make me feel better that I can add my teachers on Facebook now (:  My 11th grade English teacher travels all over the world, so I'm really excited to see where he's going to go this year. . . So, yeah.  I got some cards from neighbors and my mom's friend, and the art department gave me a really cute gift, too (:

0611032033 by Grim-Grinning

And my invitations turned out well, too (:

Grad invite censored 2 by Grim-Grinning       Grad invite censored by Grim-Grinning

And we have me with my little pizza box on (:

Graduation 966 by Grim-Grinning

//it looks like my eyes are just black holes hahahaaaaa~~~~~~

And a little owl from my parents!

Untitled By Grim Grinning-d69chve by Grim-Grinning

All went well (:  Now I'm trying to hurry and get art done for a charity event.  I should technically have a table there, but I don't really know what to do art of >.>  It's for the movie Serenity, but I'm not really in the Firefly fandom, so I have no idea what the hell I should draw >.>  I get to keep a portion of my sales, but the vast majority of it goes to Equality Now.

And I'm also doing sketches to help get my drawing classes together (:  I'm going to be teaching little kids how to draw chibis as pirates, princesses, animals. . . and so on.  I'll be interested in seeing how it all turns out in the end.  I'm just trying to get as much money as I can because I'll be broke as hell once school starts in the fall >.>

And commissions will also be open!  I'm going to alter some prices as well as add some new items, so hopefully I will get that done sooner than later.  I just want to do a few more digital pieces just so that I have that window of opportunity open as well.

I've also started a health/wellness blog over <a wytiwyg="1" href=""here</a> to [hopefully] motivate me and others to start living a better life.  I just want to loose some weight before I go down south so that I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  And because I can go to the beach every weekend and wear a bikini [hopefully]. (:

So what has been going on with all of you?  I hope to improve my activity and relationships with people on here, so let me know what's going on!  I've been neglecting this site for way too long this past year.


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You Only Hear the Music . . .

Sat Mar 23, 2013, 4:12 PM

. . . when your heart begins to break. . .

.:Helena:. by Grim-Grinning .:The Kids from Yesterday:. by Grim-Grinning Ref: Adrenaline Corruption by Grim-Grinning Look Alive, Sunshine by Grim-Grinning

I just. . . That's what I woke up to.  I went to go check out something on Facebook, and instead found out that MCR split up.  I just. . . I don't know how to feel.  What to feel.  I can't cry, but I can't push it out of my mind. . .  There's just this hollow feeling inside.  Like I just lost a dear friend.  You go on Wikipedia; My Chemical Romance was an American alternative rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001.  It's not like they died, but I still feel a hole like that in my heart.

.:Beauty Killer:. by Grim-Grinning Frankie and Gerard by Grim-Grinning Animation : Gerard Blinking by Grim-Grinning .:The Future is Bulletproof:. by Grim-Grinning

MCR was my life back in the sixth grade; my friend's sister was into them and he introduced me to the band, and I instantly became hooked.  I remember my first album was The Black Parade; it didn't come out too long before, and I was instantly hooked.  I wanted every CD that they made until that point, and I wanted a new album to be released so badly.  I would sit in my room and play The Black Parade on repeat for hours on end.  I bought every shirt that I could afford to get at Hot Topic, and I even had them order me a little hoodie because they didn't have the right one in; I wear it almost every day.

Back in the day, I was going through my 'dark' phase that every kid goes through - black shirts, black nail polish [which I only acquired because of Halloween], black eyeshadow. . .  I thought I was pretty bad-ass.  I'd also found Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, The Cure. . .  I haven't listened to Linkin Park for years and nor would I like to, but I still have FOB and The Cure as two of my favorite bands.  I didn't want to make friends, so instead I used music as comfort.  In all honesty, I can't remember a friend from those years that I'm actually still friends with.  

This time is well was when I started to pick up drawing as a hobby.  I would use their songs as inspiration and draw to my heart's content on what I thought the lyrics meant.  I'd listen to them all the time on my bus ride to and from school every day.  I'd go online and print out pictures of them to draw, most of which turned out ungodly horribly.  I'd read about them and dream of meeting them some day.  My friend even offered to give me a ticket to see them in 2011, but someone else gave it away first.

.:The Sharpest Lives:. by Grim-Grinning SS 2011:  Ignoreallrequests by Grim-Grinning I am Not Afraid to Walk This World Alone by Grim-Grinning ID : AdrennaGhoul by Grim-Grinning

MCR gave me a friend when I was to insecure to find my own.
MCR gave me a hobby that became my future career.
MCR gave me my style of clothing and music.
MCR gave me aspirations to shoot for the stars.
MCR gave me a reason to take guitar lessons.
MCR gave me hopes to go to concerts.
MCR gave me a purpose to move on.
MCR gave me my life.

.:Bulletproof Heart:. by Grim-Grinning Skylines and Turnstiles by Grim-Grinning .:S.k.e.l.e.t.o.n.: by Grim-Grinning .:Summertime:. by Grim-Grinning

I never told them for how them improved my life.
I never sent them a decent group fan art.
I never told them how inspirational their music was.
I never told them how much I enjoyed their quotes.
I never told my guitar teacher MCR was why I was there.
I never got to see them in concert.
I never told anyone how they pulled me up when I was down.
I never thanked them.

Mikey Way by Grim-Grinning  Vampires Will Never Hurt You by Grim-Grinning Adrienne Bust by Grim-Grinning Disenchanted by Grim-Grinning

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2012 Review

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 6:39 PM


2012 in Review

+ portfolio reviews [4 different schools]
+ art show entries [3 pieces in 2 shows]
+ dance studio commissioned work
+ Marilyn Manson and Augustana concerts :'D
+ got a car
+ finished up junior year pretty well
+ art club president
+ accepted to my top college
+ finally told the guy I liked that I liked him
- he ends up dating some chick a few days later e.e
-dog got really sick, but he's okay now ;;

/other things I can't remember/

2012 on dA

►2012 Art Meme: 2012 Improvement Meme by Grim-Grinning
► 309 new watchers
►13,000+ views on my page [slightly better than last year :)]
►Most favorted art of mine [309]: GamKar - Happy Birthday! by Grim-Grinning
►Favorite picture of the year: .:S.k.e.l.e.t.o.n.: by Grim-Grinning & Skylines and Turnstiles by Grim-Grinning
►DD suggestions that were accepted [3]: And God Created Woman by DACtrigger The Llama Bank by Kridah :thumb203816076:

Thanks guys C:

2011 VS. 2012 Resolutions

2011's Old Resolutions:


1.  Get myself a man :<  Perhaps a senior so I could go to prom this year and next year ♥
2.  Loose some weight
3.  Finish AIS lessons to rid myself of hate mail from them >.>
4.  Study harder.
5.  Read a book a month, and 2 magazines a month.

6.  Pick 5 colleges to apply to.
7.  Work on portfolio
8.  Get Senior Project done
9.  Get any Tekko stuff done early [if I even have anything. . .??]

dA / Art:
1.  100K+ views
2.  666 watchers
3.  Suggest more art for DD's
4.  Anatomy
5.  Improved style
6.  More comments

Bolded things are things that I did or got done c:  Not too bad :D

2013 Resolutions:

1. Get to at least 125K views.
2. Work on more original art and do less fan art
3. Get a table at at least one art event
4. Finish chess set
5. Get to at least 1,000 watchers

1. Loose some weight.
2. Get at least $25K in financial aid & scholarships [$10K so far].
3. Buy less stuff; sell the things I don't want anymore by January 31st.
4. Get a new job when I start college.
5. Go on a senior trip
6. Do volunteer work to keep my scholarship(s).

Have a great 2013, guys!

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