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Jonathan Strange Fan Book Presale

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 21, 2015, 2:00 PM

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Presales are open for the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fan book that I participated in!  They are only $9 including shipping, and all of the art is super gorgeous!

Click on the image to go to the presale site ♥

New Artwork.

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Official Website!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2015, 1:46 PM

Hi guys!

I've been hard at work this week making a new official blog + website, and it's all up and running today!  Check 'em out!  I plan on updating the blog every couple of days.  Just click on the image to go to the page:

Kimberlyn Curtis Artistry

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Winter Break + Future Plans

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 8:17 AM

Time for winter break!

My classes ended this past week, leaving me with only one year left to go!  Woooo!

I've been working more on landscape-type drawings for my Editorial class, but as a whole, I think they're some of the strongest pieces to come from one class.  I may post some in the future; they're just really different from my usual body of work on here.  I also intend, though, to remake some of my older works from high school to use in my portfolio as well, so that should be fun, and I should be able to upload them on here as well.

I also intend on creating a professional website and a process blog, so stay tuned for that!  More than likely the process blog and my Facebook page [which you can find in my little journal navigation bar in this journal] are where I'll mainly be uploading.

Happy [early] Thanksgiving to all!

xx Grim

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Back to Class

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 9:11 AM

Tomorrow starts classes again; only one more year and I'll be done w@  For the longest time, it felt like the summer was dragging on, so at least being busy again won't be too bad (I hope).  This is probably going to be my last quarter with three classes, too; I hope to take a fourth for the next three quarters so I can graduate next November; I don't want to pay for rent for another 5 or 6 months if I don't have to.

I've also been more quiet on here, as some may have noticed.  It's a little mixture of falling out of love with dA, as well as personal problems and personal work.  My dog passed away about two weeks ago, and I still feel very empty.  I know it's going to hit harder once I'm at home and he's not there; I almost asked my mom on the phone the other day what he was up to because I ask all the time.  Luckily with some meds I started feeling a little better over the next few days, and last week I got a tattoo of a paw print in his memory.

As previously mentioned, I'm slowly starting to fall out of love with dA as well.  I've been working on other things, so I may check back every few days; I remember when I first joined I'd be on here 10 times a day.  Times change, I suppose.

More WIPs and some finished things are on my instagram, and occasionally I post on my Facebook page or art tumblr.  Hopefully I'll have more work this quarter to post.  I've mainly been working on watercolor landscapes, so some may be posted in the future.

Take care xx

New Artwork.

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Grim's Grand Adventure Commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 2:34 PM


So I thought that I should start saving up for a graduation trip that I really hope to go on in January 2017; if all works out, I should graduate next November and then head back home until I am hired (or if the game company I visited wants to hire me!).  I'm trying to save $6,000 for a trip to New Zealand and Australia.  It is my dream to work for Weta Workshop, so getting to experience New Zealand and diving into the culture will be something very important to my newly-graduated self, I'm sure.  While I do plan to save up some of my money via internship work next summer, I'll need some help along the way!

Products and Pricing

These prints are available through my Storenvy, as linked below (just click on the picture!).  Want to buy a print, but not deal with Storenvy?  Feel free to note me, and we can go through there!  I promise I don't bite.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

♥ Prices for additional characters included in the same piece are 1/2 of the original price per single character.
♦ WIPs will be sent once payment is received.
♣ Original pictures will not be mailed out unless asked for.  Shipping costs are extra.
♥ Slots are unlimited at this time.

All pieces include a background, or a background color on busts.

Feel free to note me if you are interested in sketches or lineart.

Bust Shots / Head Shots
   The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You by Grim-Grinning.sinbad. by Grim-Grinning   Rollo .study. by Grim-Grinning    .selfie. by Grim-Grinning     Captain Sparrow by Grim-Grinning

Color: $15.00

Quick Digital Sketches
Pencil sketches with a quick digital flat color

Witam. by Grim-Grinning   .joyriding. by Grim-Grinning   . merry booshmas . by Grim-Grinning   Outfit Challenge Sketch by Grim-Grinning Tia Dalma Sketch by Grim-Grinning


<da:thumb id="539915172"/>
[[srry I don't have really any more recent examples]]

Color: $25

3/4 Body and Full Body
   Vampira .redesign. by Grim-Grinning  Stupid, fat hobbitses. by Grim-Grinning   . Warrior of the North . by Grim-Grinning   . rebirth . by Grim-Grinning   Line of Durin by Grim-Grinning   Hell is empty and the devils are here. by Grim-Grinning

Full color: $35

Poster Designs
Am I Not Your King? by Grim-Grinning   One Day I'll Remember. by Grim-Grinning   You Will Forgive Me If I End This. by Grim-Grinning

$50, as they take a lot of time and planning

Most Recent Commissions:

Commission : Wintereyes by Grim-Grinning  Commission : Ashturtle by Grim-Grinning

New Artwork.

heap Prints for Sale!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 9:18 AM

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((Just click the image above, and it will take you to my store!))

Hey, guys!

My remaining prints from a few months ago are now totally uploaded and ready to find new homes!  They range from $1 - $7, and shipping is relatively inexpensive ($3 in the US, $5 anywhere else).

Any spread-the-word-ing would also be greatly appreciated ♥

New Artwork.

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July Update #9829

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2015, 10:22 AM

Hey, guys!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and drawings!  I really appreciate it ♥
Thranduil by fighterxaosAbelbGcg by lady-blackwings

To say the least, I had a great 21st!  A friend and I went downtown to the Andy Warhol Museum to start the day; it was really interesting to see so much of his work, especially since I had learned a lot about him in my 20th Century Art History class.  It provided some helpful background information before heading to the museum.  The one piece that I really wanted to see - a triptych of skulls - was under construction, so only one was hanging, and you weren't really allowed to go into that gallery room.

Afterwards, we went to Perle for drinks!  I started off with a Bellini, and my second drink was Death in the Afternoon - it was a combination of absinthe, champagne, and a few other things, sugar cube and all.  To say the least, I've been trying to find absinthe bars in Pittsburgh and, to my disappointment, I was unable to find any.  However, this drink wasn't on their online list, and was on their menu in the bar, so I was really excited!  I felt like I was one of those famous late 19th-century artists and writers with their opium dens and absinthe haha~

First Drinks by Grim-Grinning
Drinks! by Grim-Grinning

 I also got Zephyrhant 's new art book!  It came with some beautiful prints as well.

Art Book And Prints by Grim-Grinning

Other than that, my summer class concluded a week ago, so I'm good to go with getting to work on my own for a while until classes start again!  I may be a tad busy going into my last two weeks at home, but once I'm back in Savannah, I'll have all the time in the world to do what I want.  I've got a lot to do on my radar, so hopefully I'll manage to work it all out!  As of late, I'm working on a character redesign, but from a more insightful concept artist-esque point of view with multiple designs before choosing the final style.  I also plan on experimenting with different media, and working with some books that I've had, so hopefully this will become the summer of change!  I really want to work on my professional edge to help garner interest with internships and future /hopeful/ employers.  I also still have a ton of photos to edit from Carrie Furnaces that I would like to also use for environment practice.

New Artwork.

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tiny update!

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 5:52 PM

Hey, guys!  Just wanted to give you all a quick update that finals are approaching, and I'm moving into my new apartment on Monday, so things have been rather hectic and I've been doing less on here than I usually do.  I've got a piece in a Ceramics show on Friday, so I'm very proud to finally have gotten into a show at the end of my sophomore year (:

I really hope to have new art up soon!  I've got a few sketches from the Tolkien Read-a-Long done, but I have some things I want to sketch as soon as summer break starts

Take care xx

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Never Before Seen Contest Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 11:28 AM

In honor of the multi-group contest, and on behalf of ThranduilFans and TheHobbitFans I'd like to showcase the winners! 

:iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz: First Place :iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:

In first place we have The Old Forest by Sieskja.

The Old Forest by Sieskja

"They picked a way among the trees, and their ponies plodded along, carefully avoiding the many writhing and interlacing roots. There was no undergrowth. The ground was rising steadily, and as they went forward it seemed that the trees became taller, darker, and thicker. There was no sound, except an occasional drip of moisture falling through the still leaves. For the moment there was no whispering or movement among the branches; but they all got an uncomfortable feeling that they were being watched with disapproval, deepening to dislike and even enmity. The feeling steadily grew, until they found themselves looking up quickly, or glancing back over their shoulders, as if they expected a sudden blow."

J.R.R. Tolkien,The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter 6 "The Old Forest"

Dragon Noir by Sieskja  ' The full sheen of glory ' by Sieskja  I - Adulescentia by Sieskja  Listening to silence by Sieskja  L'arbre au loup by Sieskja

:iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz: Second Place :iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:

In second place we have Errand-riders in the Night by peet.

Errand-riders in the Night by peet

There was a silence again for a while. Then, 'What is that?' cried Pippin suddenly, clutching at Gandalf's cloak. 'Look! Fire, red fire! Are there dragons in this land? Look, there is another!'
For answer Gandalf cried aloud to his horse. 'On, Shadowfax! We must hasten. Time is short. See! The beacons of Gondor are alight, calling for aid. War is kindled. See, there is the fire on Amon Don, and flame on Eilenach; and there they go speeding west: Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad, and the Halifirien on the borders of Rohan.'
But Shadowfax paused in his stride, slowing to a walk, and then he lifted up his head and neighed. And out of the darkness the answering neigh of other horses came; and presently the thudding of hoofs was heard, and three riders swept up and passed like flying ghosts in the moon and vanished into the West.'

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Book V, Chapter 1: Minas Tirith

Kurt Cobain by peet  Journey to the Havens by peet  Celebrimbor's Death by peet The Gaurwaith by peet Shadowfax and Gandalf Reunited by peet

:iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz: Third Place :iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:

In third place we have Nibs Cotton by TolmanCotton.

Nibs Cotton by TolmanCotton

Nibs Cotton defending Rosie and his mother... from Sam. Not that he recognized him immediately, with his finery, chain-mail and all. Rosie did, actually. But then, she had been waiting for him since Spring.
Fili and Kili by TolmanCotton  Balin - colour version by TolmanCotton  Bombur by TolmanCotton  Galadriel by TolmanCotton  Half-elf warrior by TolmanCotton

:iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:  Honorable Mentions :iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:

Bullet; GreenAtanatar II Alcarin of Gondor by matejcadilBullet; Green

Atanatar II Alcarin of Gondor by matejcadil

Atanatar II was the sixteenth king of Gondor. His father Hyarmendacil I had been one of Gondor's greatest Kings, so Atanatar II inherited a powerful empire stretching from the Greyflood to the Sea of Rhûn, and to which even the Men of Umbar and Harad paid homage. The King loved luxury and it was during his reign that the original Crown of Gondor was replaced by a jeweled helm. "Men said precious stones were pebbles in Gondor for children to play with." The wealth and splendour of Atanatar's realm earned him the title Alcarin ('Glorious') but he did little to maintain its strength, and nothing to expand its influence. Thus already during Atanatar's reign, Gondor began to stagnate. Atanatar II ruled Gondor for seventy-seven years, during which the wealth and power created by his father slowly began to wane. He was succeeded by his eldest son Narmacil I.

Bullet; GreenTravelling south by RobleskaZeppelinBullet; Green

Travelling south by RobleskaZeppelin

Elven princess Idril, mortal man Tuor and their half-elven son Eärendil travelling from ruined Gondolin, through Nan-Tathren and south, along the river to the sea. The scene can be found in Silmarillion, chapter "Of Tuor and the fall of Gondolin".

Bullet; GreenNienor's Fall at Cabed-en-Aras by Nim-lockBullet; Green

Nienor's Fall at Cabed-en-Aras by Nim-lock

"Looking down upon Turin she cried: 'Farewell, O twice beloved! A Turin Turambar turun ambartanen: master of doom by doom mastered! O happy to be dead!' Then Brandir who had heard all, standing stricken upon the edge of ruin, hastened towards her; but she ran from him distraught with horror and anguish, and coming to the brink of Cabed-en-Aras she cast herself over, and was lost in the wild water" (Silmarillion, 223).

New Artwork.

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spring break 2k15

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 7:56 AM

Aww aint it cute  Sun Aww aint it cute

The time has come when I have been freed of my classes and I can go on living like a normal person again!  I finished up my classes last Thursday, but alas a week from today, I'll be back to the same old grind.

To say the least, I had another quarter full of free time.  My Illustration class wasn't nearly as stressful as the first one, so I had a ton of time to just sit and read when I was at home; it's kind of sad how I become so demotivated to draw for myself in my free time when I have classes >.>  I did get to experiment with quite a few different things in my Advanced Survey of Computer Art class, including doing some 3D rendering in Maya, as well as animation in After Effects, and creating a sample web site in Dreamweaver, which you can view here:…

Thus far in my spring break, I've been getting back into the swing of drawing for myself, as well as working on some art book work and prints for Swarm Con.  If you're in the Savannah area April 25 & 26, grab a badge and stop by and see my table!  I'll be doing some sketch commissions, as well as selling some prints and bookmarks (:  I've started creating my stack of things to sell as prints, so for the next month, I have to edit down what I have, get everything printed, and get ready to go!  I've never had a table before, so I think it will be a nice experience even as a university convention.

I also spent yesterday at the beach; I finally found some sand dollars!  Every time I go, I always look for them but I never succeed.  Some friends and I are heading down to Florida on Friday to go to another beach, so I'm taking every opportunity I get to lay in the sun and collect shells.

One more week of laying in the sun to go Relax 

New Artwork.

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Free Art Feature (:

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2015, 6:31 AM

iisjah had a post up the other day where the first 20 people who comment can get their art featured (:  I haven't done features nearly as much as I used to, so I thought it would be a nice thing to mix it up.  Just drop a comment, and you're in!  You don't have to repost the feature, but it would be nice to spread the art love :heart:

Calming swim by iisjah     Below room temperature by iisjah     Damn you! - commission by iisjah
Disney Crush-Ralph by PureAngelDragon713     Warm Hugs by PureAngelDragon713     Ralph and Elsa by PureAngelDragon713

Zoan Portrait with Boob Sweater! by KOL-Freak     SS Gift - Surfing for Candy? by KOL-Freak     AT - Kusuma by KOL-Freak

New Artwork.

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 10:06 AM

Hey, guys!  Happy Friday the 13th!

t's been quite a while since my last update!  To say the least, despite having classwork, I've mainly been reading about Vikings, as well as watching the History Channel's Vikings instead of drawing >.>  Last week marked midterms for me, and now there's just three weeks left in the quarter before spring break.  Who knows what I'll do for that week; I think I may go sea kayaking with my roommate, maybe go down to Florida. . . who knows.  But classes are going well, and I've been producing an interesting body of work this quarter.  My Advanced Survey of Computer Art class has been working with Maya for two weeks now; to say the least, I'm not the world's greatest 3D designer haha~  I only took it for my minor; I'm hoping to get better with it, though.  Minus my last commission, the previous two works were from that class, with working in Photoshop and Illustrator.  Not too difficult.

I just thought I'd drop by and say that I'm not dead or anything!  I'm on here multiple times a day, but I just haven't really been producing anything worth posting.

In other news, I want to try to get a PS3 with Lego The Hobbit bundle *-*  It's on Amazon for $250, so I thought maybe I could try to do more commissions to try to fund buying it.  I really wanted Alice: Madness Returns, but I was unable to run the PC download from Origin, and I had to request a refund .-.  
All of my prices are here : 
2K15 PricesProducts and Pricing
♥ Prices for additional characters included in the same piece are 1/2 of the original price per single character.
♦ WIPs will be sent once payment is received.
♣ Original pictures will not be mailed out unless asked for.  Shipping costs are extra.
♥ Slots are unlimited at this time.
All pieces include a background, or a background color on busts.
Feel free to note me if you are interested in sketches or lineart.

Bust Shots / Head Shots

Color: $15.00


Color: $25

3/4 Body and Full Body

:iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz: Have a nice Valentine's Day :iconleftredlacenroseplz::iconredlacenroseplz::iconrighredlacenroseplz:

New Artwork.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 8:00 AM

Hey, guys!

o I've been back at university for a week now!  It was quite the long drive yet again, but I'm happy that I stopped in Winston-Salem, NC to see The Hobbit for a third time in IMAX 3D *-*  The theater was so huge and clean and beautiful and I'm pretty sure the sound made me go temporarily deaf, but it was totally worth it haha~  It's kind of odd though since it felt like I never really left to begin with; once my roommates and friends started getting back, it was like we had just left for a weekend or something, and meanwhile, it was six weeks otl ;;

ut I've got some wonderful classes so far!  I finally made it into my Intro to Illustration class, so I'm super excited for my projects.  My professor is also an agent, so I think it's neat that he's going to teach us some of the business side of the industry as well.  And we can draw in whatever style we want, and he took into consideration how we draw and what our strengths are before deciding on what we should do for our first assignment.  So far, we just have to illustrate "fears" as a magazine cover, or "lifestyle" for an editorial-style illustration.  I've gone with a throne room/beheading scene and camping, so I'll get to see on Monday what I get to complete for critique.

'm also taking Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications course, and also, amazingly, my professor is allowing us to illustrate however we want (:  As long as you can impress him with your project, you'll do well.  As long as you're willing to try, you'll do well.  I'm looking forward to it; right now we're working in Illustrator, and we finish the quarter with Maya and web page design.

And I have Survey of Western Art II.  Not much to say there haha~  My professor seems like a nice guy, so I'm hoping that he'll make disdain of art history shrink.

There's some contests coming up that I'd like to enter, as well as try to get work ready for my portfolio for some internships.  I'd prefer getting an internship over the summer, so it'd be nice if I could get one (:

s for current art, I'm part of a Tolkien fan book, so I've got that project, as well as concept art for an animated Hobbit film once I get more details.  And I've got classwork.  And some sketches that I'm working on.  And an art trade.  The list never ends haha~

I think this will be a nice quarter, and that I can get some quality art done (◕‿◕✿)

And check out this beautiful work from my friend:

Invisible enemy by Gawarin

New Artwork.

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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 3:58 PM

:iconchampagneplz:  Happy New Year [almost] ! :iconchampagneplz:

I hope everyone had a lovely year, and will have an even better 2015!  I see some very good things on the horizon for myself, so I'm really excited to see what next year has to bring ♥

Just some resolutions:
- score an internship!
- read 15 books
- get some commission work
- work on Tolkien fan book & make it badass!
- stay on the Dean's List
- have a kickass 21st birthday ♥
- get an apartment in Savannah starting in the fall
- find a nice job whilst at school
- get in shape

What are some of your resolutions for next year?

And thank you so much everyone for the Christmas gifts!  They're all lovely ♥

Dressing for the holidays by Celesol  SS for Grim-Grinning by PhoebastriaAnglica   <da:thumb id="502139297"/>   Merry Christmas Grinning by taytaykudo   SS: Abel by TaiyokoChan   Tauriel by fighterxaos   Aragorn by IronMandy

New Artwork.

8 years!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 3:03 PM

Yesterday officially marked 8 years on deviantART for me!  Although I had made a post back in August about "my deviantART story", but it's been quite a long ride to have made it this far!  I vaguely remember making my account just so that I could save Trinity Blood fan art.  Ha.  But I've met so many wonderful people over the years ♥

And I figured I might as well do a yearly review post while I was at it!

Just a few highlights:
-met Norman Reedus for a second time
- began my second year at university
- finally started having a decent semester until our Illustration group final began [lots o' drama]
- became a worldly traveler!  I visited Toronto, ON back in September (:
- got the see The Cure [one of the things on my bucket list]
- got to see The Hobbit as a marathon [so emotionally damaging ;; ]
- 4 quarters of being on the Dean's List

2014 on dA

►2014 Improvement: .2014 Progression. by Grim-Grinning
► 39 new watchers
►6,500+ views on my page
►Most favorted art of mine [73]: apocalypseArisen by Grim-Grinning

►Favorite picture of the year: Woe of the Sailors by Grim-Grinning    Dreams of Grandeur by Grim-Grinning    .joyriding. by Grim-Grinning    .Elven King. by Grim-Grinning

New Artwork.

If I Could Give Traditional DDs. . .

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 7:00 AM

I've always wanted to be a CV since like. . . 2010.  I love the idea of being able to host our own "DDs" and feature some spectacular art!  I would absolutely adore being a CV for Traditional works or Fantasy works, but in the meantime, this works as well (:  Taken from this community feature project : Community Feature Project: If I could DD...  And happy holidays to all :santa:

edit: added some more pieces!

 famouslastwords by lana-llama         Marilyn Manson by Cradlesin    Sulih by kimberly80    XI by Charlie-Bowater   Nevermore by AngelaRizza       06_Alice and animals by handrewx    Arrest this girl - zoom - by grafnarq    The Hobbit by nitefise    Moon Dancer by Elentori    Viking Shield Valkyrie by ZawArt    Can you imagine the sound by STelari    Forgiveness by Paivatar    Spooky Forest Concept by Sweet-Bread    Chamomile tea by LiigaKlavina    Don't be cry now by miumzoo    Thorin Oakenshield_2014 by LivieSukma    The Mouth Of Sauron by NeilMcClements    trees by inkslinger42    2011 by berkozturk    A Quiet Space by DanBurgessTheArtist    Inari by SerenaVerdeArt

Fan Art

The world is ahead... by Kinko-White    Leaving Hobbiton by ullakko    Firith by Candra    Tom Bombadil by ullakko    Bag End by Feyjane    Where The Wild Things Are by Pocketowl

Anime & Manga

.forest doll. by AlleyCreek    +Ion and Radu+ by lilie-morhiril    gnome by Gai-Gaal    Make a wish by chernotrav

New Artwork.

Quarter IV : Accomplished!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:57 PM

o I've managed to complete my fourth quarter at SCAD this past Thursday!  I managed to drive home alone on Friday and Saturday, so I've finally got everything situated and put away today.  The greatest part about break: no work, and all time for personal art :'D  I had spoken to a career advisor about numerous things, and luckily he gave me some food for thought over break, including looking more into digital art.  I'm still trying to set up a time range I want to work on stuff like that, and still leave room to work on my usual body of work.

ut that does mean that the holidays are almost here :santa:  I've got some ideas for gifts down, and I plan on building a flat file for my artwork so that it can be stored properly.  I have quite a few projects laying around, and I actually want to get them done for once >.>

've also put up a poll about what you would like to see from me whilst I'm on break!  I left quite a few ideas, but I'm open to any suggestions.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get back in gear and at least get my character references from the summer nearly done!

New Artwork.

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Secret Santa Wishlist.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 6:19 AM

For the wonderful elves and Santas over at CandyCane-Lane , SecretSantaProject , :iconsantas-harem: , and SecretSantaExchange !

Hi there!  I'd really appreciate art of my characters, or some fan art (:  If you'd like writing samples to get a better look at my characters' relationships, please ask the head of the group or something to note me, and I'll happily upload them for you.

I will be uploading more drawings of my characters by the end of the month; I have a lot of sketches started, just not colored >.>

The OCs:

Abel - 20 year old college student.  She lives with Ethan and Lucius, and has many other friends with whom she hangs out with.  She has an incredibly close relationship with Lucius and she is always there for him when he needs her.

  Abel [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Abel [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning .Adair and Abel. by Grim-Grinning .Spring. by Grim-Grinning 2K14 Summer Profile : Abel by Grim-Grinning

Lucius - Lucius is 25 years old, and he has a very cute, loving relationship with Abel.  He is bipolar and frequently has episodes where a small mistake will set him off.  He intends to propose to Abel but gets incredibly nervous about the topic.

  Copic Walkthrough: Abel and Lucius by Grim-Grinning <da:thumb id="419269845"/> Lucius [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning <da:thumb id="462565365"/> Dreams of Grandeur by Grim-Grinning

Ethan - Ethan is 25 years old, and has a closer relationship to Abel, but his past experiences and abuse keeps him from getting too close to her.  Ethan is rather quite and depressed and is always on alert.  

  Michael Bust by Grim-Grinning Ethan Bust by Grim-Grinning  Selfie by Grim-Grinning  Ethan [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Ethan [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning

Adrenaline Corruption - Adrienne is my fan character for the My Chemical Romance "Killjoy" universe.  She's quite the partier, but she's careful to still keep her wits.  She has an incredibly slim build and isn't afraid to show off her body.

 Ref: Adrenaline Corruption by Grim-Grinning ID : AdrennaGhoul by Grim-Grinning Adrienne Bust by Grim-Grinning  Adrienne [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning Adrienne [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning

SpAdE - kind of a Satanic, dark character.  He's an undead character with an affinity for cemeteries and hexes.  He is able to bend the will of those who fall under his trance.

<da:thumb id="317501653"/> Let's go on a murdering spree. by Grim-Grinning   Spade [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Spade [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning  Hell is empty and the devils are here. by Grim-Grinning

Fan art options that I would highly suggest googling because I don't have enough references:

Marilyn Manson

Born Villain by Grim-Grinning  .Antichrist Superstar. by Grim-Grinning

My Chemical Romance - my favorite band.  I tend to draw Frank Iero.  A lot.

Skylines and Turnstiles by Grim-Grinning .:S.k.e.l.e.t.o.n.: by Grim-Grinning Vampires Will Never Hurt You by Grim-Grinning Mikey Way by Grim-Grinning SS 2011:  Ignoreallrequests by Grim-Grinning .:Bulletproof Heart:. by Grim-Grinning I am Not Afraid to Walk This World Alone by Grim-Grinning  .joyriding. by Grim-Grinning  The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You by Grim-Grinning

Heart no Kuni no Alice - images from Google.  I absolutely adore this series.  I'd love anything involving Alice, Blood, Elliott, or Julius.

Blood Dupre - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Elliott March - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Julius Monrey - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Alice Liddell - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit *-* - images from Google.  I adore pretty much everyone (:

Fili and Kili - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thorin - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Aragorn - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Legolas - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Aragorn - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning

And I think that's enough options (:  Thank you so much <3

New Artwork.

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 4:37 PM

Hi, guys!  My winter break is nearly here!  I'm currently on Week 8 of 10, so three weeks to go, and I'm home free *-*

I'm still super sorry for not being as active as I used to be D:  I've been having a really hard time for some reason on getting personal work done; it's like I'm going through an art block with that work, but doing fine with my class assignments.  Not sure how I feel about that >.>

But I've been doing more in and about Savannah.  I have a few events coming up within the next two weeks, so I'm hoping to make some connections and get some more ideas on careers.  We're having sessions where companies come and talk about job and internship opportunities, so I'm rather excited for that.  A few gaming companies are coming, so I'm hoping to see what they are interested in and try to put together a portfolio in hopes of getting an internship over the summer *-*  Blizzard Entertainment is coming in two weeks, so I'm hoping I'd have a chance there; it seems like most of their stuff is fantasy, and in all honesty, fantasy is the basis of my interests in art and games.  Fantastical imagery is so much easier to come up with, if you ask me D:

Other than that, I got to go to a Penguin / Random House employer presentation two weeks ago, so that gave me some ideas (:  I don't know whether or not I want to work with books or games or what, but I'm keeping everything open!

I also had some Halloween fun.  We dressed up and went to Chipotle for cheap burritos and then went to see Nosferatu as a part of the Savannah Film Festival.  Still love my Mrs. Lovett dress <3   I even met Norman Reedus for a second year in a row *-*  If you follow me, or have been on my Instagram recently, these are super familiar images:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.15.47 PM by Grim-Grinning

SCAD Year 2 by Grim-Grinning

I'll hopefully get some images from my classes posted soon!  They're not like my usual body of work, so that's why I've held back submitting them :u  I'm really excited about my Ceramics final, though, so that piece should be uploaded in no time (:

Have a nice week :heart:

New Artwork.

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