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"I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses."

I currently am an Illustration sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

I quite enjoy macabre things & cemeteries, horror, movies, music, and coffee. The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde is my favorite book, and the Victorian Era is a large source of inspiration. In the future, I see myself working on book illustrations, posters and album artwork for musicians, concept art and character design, as well as freelancing. My dream job is to work for Tim Burton, even if it was only on one film.

As of late, I am focusing on character development and storytelling, as well as trying to come up with portfolio pieces.

Baphomet stamp by Sy666Marilyn Manson 2009 Stamp by ArtistMeliZydrate Anatomy stamp by As-Death-Becomes-HerEdgar Allen Poe stamp by KixxarRocky Horror by laselwooStampHeroes - The Mighty Boosh by lonesomeaestheticMCR stamp 2.0 by DenoriiWilde II by stamps-of-yoreRaven stamp by WytefadeSuperjail Stamp by The-Bloody-FedoraAgalloch Stamp by ArgentumChlorideDisney Alice in Wonderland Stamp by TwilightProwlerWonka Stamp v1 by LittleBigDaveTWD Stamp 4 by KrubbusAlice- HnKnA stamp by aragorn1014

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Commissions Open Stamp by Mel-Rosey

Character Redesigns -
Lucius - inking
Ethan - coloring
Gregory - background design
Elliott and Aecheron - coloring
Reiner - coloring
Nikita - coloring
Encartia, Jazael, and child - inking
Akara - background design
Adrienne - background design -coloring-
Liam - background design
Kade - resketching
Aiden - coloring
Illiah - background design
Sven - background design
Sirius - background design
Vega - background design
Alaric - background design
Vincent and Victoria - background design
Helldevier - coloring
Our Lady - coloring

Sketches -
Orpheus and Abel
Alice print
gift art
and like a million others sos

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Secret Santa Wishlist.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 6:19 AM

For the wonderful elves and Santas over at CandyCane-Lane , SecretSantaProject , :iconsantas-harem: , and SecretSantaExchange !

Hi there!  I'd really appreciate art of my characters, or some fan art (:  If you'd like writing samples to get a better look at my characters' relationships, please ask the head of the group or something to note me, and I'll happily upload them for you.

I will be uploading more drawings of my characters by the end of the month; I have a lot of sketches started, just not colored >.>

The OCs:

Abel - 20 year old college student.  She lives with Ethan and Lucius, and has many other friends with whom she hangs out with.  She has an incredibly close relationship with Lucius and she is always there for him when he needs her.

  Abel [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Abel [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning .Adair and Abel. by Grim-Grinning .Spring. by Grim-Grinning 2K14 Summer Profile : Abel by Grim-Grinning

Lucius - Lucius is 25 years old, and he has a very cute, loving relationship with Abel.  He is bipolar and frequently has episodes where a small mistake will set him off.  He intends to propose to Abel but gets incredibly nervous about the topic.

  Copic Walkthrough: Abel and Lucius by Grim-Grinning Lucius [.winter 2013 bust] by Grim-Grinning Lucius [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning .The Summer's Just Begun. by Grim-Grinning Dreams of Grandeur by Grim-Grinning

Ethan - Ethan is 25 years old, and has a closer relationship to Abel, but his past experiences and abuse keeps him from getting too close to her.  Ethan is rather quite and depressed and is always on alert.  

  Michael Bust by Grim-Grinning Ethan Bust by Grim-Grinning  Selfie by Grim-Grinning  Ethan [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Ethan [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning

Adrenaline Corruption - Adrienne is my fan character for the My Chemical Romance "Killjoy" universe.  She's quite the partier, but she's careful to still keep her wits.  She has an incredibly slim build and isn't afraid to show off her body.

 Ref: Adrenaline Corruption by Grim-Grinning ID : AdrennaGhoul by Grim-Grinning Adrienne Bust by Grim-Grinning  Adrienne [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning Adrienne [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning

SpAdE - kind of a Satanic, dark character.  He's an undead character with an affinity for cemeteries and hexes.  He is able to bend the will of those who fall under his trance.

.:WeLcOmE tO iNsAnItY:. by Grim-Grinning Let's go on a murdering spree. by Grim-Grinning   Spade [.winter 2013 bust.] by Grim-Grinning  Spade [.winter 2013 reference.] by Grim-Grinning  Hell is empty and the devils are here. by Grim-Grinning

Fan art options that I would highly suggest googling because I don't have enough references:

Marilyn Manson

Born Villain by Grim-Grinning  .Antichrist Superstar. by Grim-Grinning

My Chemical Romance - my favorite band.  I tend to draw Frank Iero.  A lot.

Skylines and Turnstiles by Grim-Grinning .:S.k.e.l.e.t.o.n.: by Grim-Grinning Vampires Will Never Hurt You by Grim-Grinning Mikey Way by Grim-Grinning SS 2011:  Ignoreallrequests by Grim-Grinning .:Bulletproof Heart:. by Grim-Grinning I am Not Afraid to Walk This World Alone by Grim-Grinning  .joyriding. by Grim-Grinning  The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You by Grim-Grinning

Heart no Kuni no Alice - images from Google.  I absolutely adore this series.  I'd love anything involving Alice, Blood, Elliott, or Julius.

Blood Dupre - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Elliott March - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Julius Monrey - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning  Alice Liddell - Heart no Kuni no Alice by Grim-Grinning

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit *-* - images from Google.  I adore pretty much everyone (:

Fili and Kili - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thorin - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Aragorn - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Legolas - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Aragorn - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning  Thranduil - LoTR by Grim-Grinning

And I think that's enough options (:  Thank you so much <3

New Artwork.

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